Twitch ‘n Kill

Well, now that I’ve finally finished my Blood – Extra Crispy run, i just wanted to let you know what game i’m currently recording.

Hacx Title Screen

Hacx Title Screen

Hacx it’s a TC for Doom 2 and it was developed by Banjo Sotware.

Description (taken from the Doom wiki)

HacX (pronounced “hacks”) is a total conversion for Doom II. It was created by Banjo Software in 1997, and featured an entirely new set of graphics. HacX uses a DeHackEd modified version of the Doom engine and the authors of HacX paid id Software $5,000 for the rights to market HacX as a commercial add-on for Doom II.

HacX itself was generally unsuccessful; by the time it was released, the superior Quake engine that had just come out made the Doom engine pale in comparison. Public interest for Doom and games derived from it was, effectively, dead; even though HacX was considered a decent TC, it arrived on the market too late to become a success.

HacX was originally priced at $14.95 on a CD-ROM, and $20.95 on diskettes. The sprites and other graphics from Hacx have been reused in many other TCs/PCs since, although Banjo Software has forbidden the use of its graphics in other WADs.

Development started on a sequel, but it failed due to a number of problems.

HacX is now being distributed for free on its website kept online by Rich Johnston (Nostromo), one of the developers. The HacX CD is considered to be very, very rare.

Story (from the official site)

The Story of Danny Evanger
Written by Holt Satterfield

Okay. So you’re going along, minding your own business, which just happens to be hacking
into other people’s databases, when your latest hack, some hi-tech company, catches you
on-line and sends over some government jerk to arrest you. Mother said there’d be days like
this. You broke a few national and international laws. So what’s the big deal?! Hacking is what
hackers do! But seems like you hacked into the wrong database this time. Ultra-secret and all
that. Genemp Corporation. Some biotech something or other. Database called itself GENIE.
Something peculiar in that. Awfully sophisticated database. Especially if it caught you in the
middle of hacking, and you’re the best, it’s eerily sophisticated. Like it can actually think, or

So they send you packing… to the federal pen. For the rest of your natural life. No computer, no
gear, nothing. Total drag. Cement and bars, and the other guys inside aren’t exactly your
average beefcakes. They catch a glance at your cyber-jockey derriere and get a wet gleam in
their eye. So what you do for the next twelve months is hit the weight room–hard and fast! You
pump iron like your life depended on it–and it does. You learn to sleep with one eye open.
Punching the heavy bag becomes your breakfast; tae-kwon-do your lunch, and for dinner…
well, you gotta eat sometime. And practice? Plenty. ‘Cause these boys got a gleam in their eyes
that won’t go away. But how you’ve changed! Over once scarecrow arms, muscles wrap tight
and heavy, and you’ve got a fu-kick that makes the boys call you “Sir”. Before you were just an
average pencil-necked geek, now you could grace the front of Muscle and Guns Magazine. And
just in time, too.

Because one day you return to your cell to find a tight-lipped, little man in a black suit with a bad
haircut. Won’t give his name, but says he’s a Government Agent with the Subcommittee. Which
subcommittee? The Subcommittee. The guy’s a regular riot; just one clown shy of a circus. But
you listen, ’cause heck, you’ve got all the time in the world.

And so he tells a tale…. of world-wide communication blackouts, computer network shutdowns
at governmental and military installations, international stock market crashes, and what might
seem unbelievable…. armies of cannibal zombies roaming the globe, laying waste to everything
in their path! Nothing fancy, just your everyday global chaos. The President has declared martial
law, but they’ve lost contact with parts of the armed forces, and some of these rogue military
units are assaulting urban centers. The country is being decimated!

And you thought you had it rough! So, why tell you? Because you’re the best Hacker in the
business. And they think they know who’s behind this weirdness–a consortium of powerful,
international hi-tech conglomerates, but they can’t get close enough to be certain. So far every
government agent they’ve sent in has yet to return. They need you to infiltrate these corporate
databases and find out what’s going on. What’s more, they want to surgically install a
military-grade Genemp Microtel into your frontal cerebral lobe. A what, where? A new,
experimental cyber device that allows you to cyberleap from one terminal to another using
cyberspace as if it were a taxicab.

So what’s in it for you? You get to keep the Microtel and have lunch with the President. You
laugh, ’cause you’ve heard better offers from the guys with the gleam in their eyes. Oh, he adds,
there’s $20 million in gold. Suddenly you feel patriotic. Ah, why not?

There’s only one hitch to getting the gold, the Agent says. What? You gotta stay alive.


Hacx Screenshot 01
Hacx Screenshot 02
Hacx Screenshot 03
Hacx Screenshot 04
Hacx Screenshot 05

Recording information

Source Port Used: GLBoom-Plus

Difficulty: I am inmortal (UV)

Recording Software: Fraps

At the time of writing this post 11 (of a total of 21) levels have been completed and are ready to be uploaded, but i’ll wait until i finish some more.


The Doom Wiki Hacx Page

Official Web Site

Download Hacx


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6 Responses to “Twitch ‘n Kill”

  1. Ellsounds Says:

    Ah!!! Glad SOMEONE remembers HacX! I worked on the soundtrack with the incredible Jim Lynch and it’s a shame it came out at the wrong time as a great deal of talent went into it over at Banjo.

    • Revenant0519 Says:

      Thank you very much for your comment, this is a great game and yeah its sad that not too many people knew about it, i hope my videos can change that.
      Once again thank you very much, it was such an honor.

  2. ryanrapsys Says:

    Wow! I was 16 years old when I helped make a couple levels for this game! Very cool to see it’s still out there!

  3. Full fraps Says:

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    time locating it but, I’d like to send you an e-mail.

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