Recording Video on Dosbox (Tutorial)

This time i’ll try to explain a couple of methods for recording your own dosbox movies.

The first and easiest one is to use the dosbox recording feature, by default this is done by pressing CTRL+ALT+F5 to

start recording, to stop recording just press CTRL+ALT+F5 again.

You can reassign this keys to any other one on the keyboard to do this you must press CTRL+F1 at the dosbox promp this will start the keymapper

Dosbox Keymapper

Then just click on video then on add and press the key you want to assign (make sure it’s an unused key on the game you want to record) now you are ready to record your own dos games movies (the video files are stored on the same folder as the configuration file).

Now the second method, recording using fraps (this is the one i use)

I just wanna make some points clear.

1.-This method is only useful if you want to record high resolution videos and only if the dos game support high resolutions

2.-Fraps videos take a lot more space than dosbox videos

Here we go, the first thing you’ll notice is that fraps doesn’t recognise dosbox, this is because fraps only works with applications usin directx or opengl.

To change this you need to edit your dosbox configuration file (i explained where its located on the previous tutorial) open it with notepad an find this section: [sdl]

[sdl] Section

Now edit the output command to look like this output=opengl and save the changes.

Start fraps and then dosbox, if you see a number on the upper left corner this means fraps has detected dosbox and is able to record video from it.

Fraps working on dosbox

Dosbox official site

Fraps official site

If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment.


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24 Responses to “Recording Video on Dosbox (Tutorial)”

  1. Kyle Says:

    That is very nice. But if no one knows how to work with dos box they can always use this tutorial.

  2. nelsonspbr Says:

    This is great man, right now I started recording videos of Screamer 2 (an old racing game)

    Nice videos bout Blood also, godlike skills xD

    Thanks again… small tips like that just save hours of Googling or manuals reading…

  3. matthew Says:

    Fraps recognizes dosbox but when its running it absolutely grinds the game to a halt. 😦 My system is rather powerful as well. I have 4 cores. What am I doing wrong here? Trying to record Warcraft or even Xcomapoc same result.

    • Revenant0519 Says:

      Try increase the fps (frames per second) to 60 in the movies tab in fraps. Please, let me know if it works.

      • Matthew Says:

        Hi, I’ve had the same problem. I’m trying to record X-Com TFTD and FRAPS is fine until I start moving the cursor and actually trying to click on stuff. At that point it begins to stutter, slow down and crackle. Do you have any other advice? I’ve tried changing the fps to 60.

  4. brunobliss Says:

    what about sound issues? i can’t record sound using fraps in the virtual machine 😦

  5. Heresiarch Grimm Says:

    I’m having an issue in processing these clips.

    When I open the clip into Windows Movie Maker it refuses to show video but does allow audio. Is this an issue with FRAPS or WMM?

    • Lunar Says:

      WMM shouldn’t make any problem with any avi file… well you can try open it in WMP (Windows Player) and if it’s fails too than there can be problem either in codes you have or in Fraps itself – for this to check you need other video player -> I recommend VLC as it has small footprint over OS.

  6. pagb666 Says:

    I’ve been experimenting today, trying to record Blood (its it’s 15th! birthday!) and the best choice was recording with opengl+fraps AND setting DosBox frameskip to 2, so the game runs at ~20fps.

    Anything higher than that makes the game stutter a lot, either with fraps or the internal recorder.

  7. GaoLi Says:

    Reblogged this on Gaoli的世界 and commented:
    Well, since I bought several copies of 90s point’n’click adventure games, this does come in handy.

  8. GaoLi Says:

    This helped a lot. Thank you.

  9. Cricky Says:

    I tried to launch X-COM with FRAPS on, as it boots up for a split second I could see the FRAPS fps overlay but as it is completely booted up it disappears and I can’t record. Please help!

  10. Cricky Says:

    Also I forgot to mention, I launched the game using Steam.

    • Lunar Says:

      first of all – don’t use fraps for recording dosbox emulated games – it is inefficient – try using native dosbox recording mentioned above. But if you need to record with fraps for some unknown reason go to dosbox configuration file and change output=surface into output=opengl. If you have any other problems try to upgrade dosbox provided by steam (they give 0.72 version while it have known issues while working with XCOMA, so upgrade it to 0.74 – just copy 0.74 files onto 0.72 steam installation)

  11. Gibbering Madness (@gibberingmadnes) Says:

    Great info, but what can be done to resolve the lag issues? I have been recording with Doxbox, and using Audacity to capture voice. It makes for a nice small file, but the longer the video goes, the greater the lag between voice and video. I have frameskip set to 2, but it’s still a problem. I really don’t want to use Fraps and deal witht he huge file sizes.

  12. Christopher Says:

    Whenever i record with DOSbox it only records Audio wheenver i record with fraps it reconizes it for a second but then leaves a black screen the entire video and only records audio

  13. visit the next post Says:

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    technological globe everything is accessible on web?

  14. Mikko Virtanen (Finland) Says:

    Thank you very much for this tutorial. I am currently pretty good at lua scripting, but I don’t understand much at “this stuff”. SO, your tutorial helped me A LOT and finally, I can record from DOSBox (because some reason I can’t use DOSBox’s recorder) with Fraps! 🙂

  15. David Bandel Says:

    Just unbelievable that the help file in DOSBOX, the wiki, and this website fail to mention where the video is actually saved.

  16. Cyanosis Says:

    Yep, I have no idea where the video is either.

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