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Recording Video on Dosbox (Tutorial)

July 26, 2009

This time i’ll try to explain a couple of methods for recording your own dosbox movies.

The first and easiest one is to use the dosbox recording feature, by default this is done by pressing CTRL+ALT+F5 to

start recording, to stop recording just press CTRL+ALT+F5 again.

You can reassign this keys to any other one on the keyboard to do this you must press CTRL+F1 at the dosbox promp this will start the keymapper

Dosbox Keymapper

Then just click on video then on add and press the key you want to assign (make sure it’s an unused key on the game you want to record) now you are ready to record your own dos games movies (the video files are stored on the same folder as the configuration file).

Now the second method, recording using fraps (this is the one i use)